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Filing: Clinton Portis Tried To Pay Back $170,000 Casino Credit With Bad Checks

Clinton Portis has been having money trouble for a while, culminating in a bankruptcy filing in which in the former NFL RB claimed about $4.85 million in debts he can’t pay. Among that was listed $170,000 owed to the Borgata casino in Atlantic City, and a Borgata filing this week fills in the blanks: the casino alleges it advanced him the money in one wild night and he tried to pay it back with checks that bounced.


That filing, which you can read below, seeks to prevent Portis from having his Borgata debt “discharged” in bankuptcy—that is, forgiven.

On Jan. 17, 2011, according to the complaint, Portis applied for and received a line of credit at the Borgata. Over the course of that night, Portis was extended $200,000. Over the next 10 months, Portis successfully repaid $30,000. He also attempted to repay the remainder with six checks that were all refused by the bank because Portis had insufficient funds.

The Borgata’s complaint argues that Portis knew he did not have the money to repay his debts when he received the line of credit, which would make it non-dischargeable under federal bankruptcy law, due to it having been obtained though “false pretenses, a false representation, or actual fraud.”

In his bankruptcy filings, Portis revealed his income is $3,500 a month in NFL disability payments, and $1,000 a month from freelance sideline reporting.


Last month, a United States Trustee filed a motion to dismiss Portis’s bankruptcy case, citing the fact that Portis has failed to submit the required financial reports and tax documents, and has not paid his mandated court fees. A hearing on the dismissal is scheduled for March 3. That motion to dismiss can be read below the Borgata’s filing.


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