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Filthy Rich Kids Allowed To Sell Lemonade Outside U.S. Open For Charity After All

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On Thursday, the heartless Montgomery County, Md. inspections office ordered a gaggle of children — including some from the Marriott-hotel and Lockheed-Martin clans — to close their lemonade stand right outside Congressional Country Club. The kids said they were raising money for pediatric-cancer research. Makes sense since their mansions are probably carpeted with million-dollar bills.


When they boyed up and said, "Still open for business," the county responded with a $500 fine for not having proper permits or something like that. Parent Carrie Marriott then asked, "Does every kid who sells lemonade now have to register with the county?" So the inspector was all, "Cute little kids making five or ten dollars is a little bit different than making hundreds. You've got coolers and coolers here." And Marriott was like, "To raise money for pediatric cancer."

Oh yes she di'id.

Last night, word trickled down that the county waived the fine, but moved the stand about 100 feet from its controversial location.

"This is not big bad bureaucracy coming down on little kids," county permits director Jennifer Hughes explained. She said the inspector was enforcing regulations designed to address concerns about traffic, safety and other non permitted vendors flooding into the area.

Hughes noted the kid's lemonade operation was serving bottled drinks out of 4 large coolers under a 10X10 tent. "This is not what you would see when you picture a typical lemonade stand." she said.

Parents disagreed. "This feels like a whole lot of government to me," said mom Rene Augustine. However, the parents and kids say that as far as they are concerned the situation is resolved.


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