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We're still reeling a little bit from the news that Carlos Zambrano is the subject of an inspirational biography. It's not that we didn't think he could write (or dictate ... or "be vaguely aware of") one; it's just that we're a little surprised that he had a free hand.


Heck, now that he has a book, he even has in own day. In Pilsen, a neighborhood of Chicago. Which is not near Mattoon. Anyway, a bit about the book:

he English version of the book is titled "The Big Z: The Carlos Zambrano Story," and the Spanish version is, "Como Llego a Ser Grande ... Carlos Zambrano." The book details Zambrano's life, from playing baseball in the streets in Venezuela to signing a $91.5 million contract with the Cubs this season.

We would say that signing a $91.5 million contract is perhaps not inherently worthy of your own authorized biography ... but we'd be afraid Carlos would throw at our head.

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