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First Career Home Run Goes Right Through Dad's Car Window

Shane Trevino got a rare trifecta: he hit his first high school home run, probably got his father fired, and made his dad take off his belt, all with one swing of the bat.

The Hudsonville, Mich., junior got ahold of a meaty fastball, and sent it over the right field wall into the parking lot.

A player's brother told his mom sitting in front of me that Shane's ball hit someone's car," [his father] Tony Trevino said. "He said it was a red car and I looked at my friend Bruce and said, 'No way he could have hit my car.'

"When we saw it was my car, I just thought it was the funniest thing. Everyone at the game was talking about the odds of my son's ball hitting my car. We joked about if the umpires wanted to even question it being foul, they could have walked to my car to see that it was parked in fair territory.

"The first thing I really said was, 'Oh, my God, it's not my car, it's my company's car.'"


First off, a Pontiac Grand Prix is a company car? Really? Second off, what are the frickin' odds? Well, a statistics professor actually ran the numbers, though they're more than a bit fudge-y.

Assuming that he always parks his car within home-run range and he hits a home run every 24 at-bats, the chances of him hitting his dad's window is 1 in 67,000," Stephenson said. "And the anomaly of it happening on his first home run is remarkable."

Maybe so, but it won't top Jason Heyward's and Ike Davis's first career homers, which knocked out a would-be mugger and dislodged a pork chop from a choking man's throat, respectively.

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