First Weird Injury Of NFL Season Caused By A Jolly Rancher Candy

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Cowboys safety Barry Church missed the last 13 games of 2012 because of a torn Achilles. He's good to go for this season, though he did have to miss practice on Monday because of a piece of candy he ate a few weeks ago.

Church told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram he had chipped a tooth eating a cherry Jolly Rancher—those fuckers are hard as diamonds, aren't they?—but that he thought nothing of it. At least until he woke up Monday morning. "The pain was crazy," Church said. He went for a root canal that day and couldn't practice because he had been numbed up.

Church, who was back at camp Tuesday, said he's gotten a lot of shit from his teammates over the cause of his absence. He also said he'll lay off the hard stuff till after the season.

“I have to stick to the soft stuff – Starburst, Skittles, stuff like that,” he said.


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Photo: Associated Press