FIU To Boycott Cancer Benefit Unless They Don't Have To Play Mean Old UNC

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I believe Oddjack would have set the odds of Isiah Thomas causing controversy at Florida International at 0.5 games into his college coaching career. If you took the under, you are a winner.


FIU was invited to the Coaches vs. Cancer Tournament because the big schools always need a gimme to open up their schedule. So while the Golden Panthers were more than content to lose to Ohio State in Thomas' coaching debut, they're none too happy about being scheduled to lose to North Carolina.

The new FIU coach had sounded excited to play an elite team, but apparently not too elite:

Big Ten country," he said [earlier this month]. "If at some point and time you're going to be able to compete with the big boys, you might as well jump right into the fire and get started."

Thomas said he was completely caught off-guard by the switch.

"I had no idea," he said. "No one contacted me, our athletic director, no one. Maybe in 2010, 2011 we can play North Carolina, but not this year."

They had signed a contract that stipulated FIU would play either the Buckeyes or the Tarheels, but were under the impression that it would be OSU. They were in for a surprise when UNC released their schedule today, with FIU first on the docket. Now they're threatening to pull out of the tournament, which behooves me to remind you of two things: they signed a contract, and they're threatening to boycott a tournament that benefits cancer research.

I would be stunned if Isiah Thomas' first act as a head coach was to break a contract," [the tournament organizer] said.

Obviously he hasn't followed Isiah Thomas' career too closely.

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