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Five North Koreans Tested Positive For Steroids Because They Were Struck By Lightning, Says North Korea

We suspected all along that the DPRK's women's World Cup team would provide us with moments of unintentional comedy, but they've outdone themselves.

Remember when their coach said they lost to the United States because they were struck by lightning? Now, five North Korean women have tested positive for steroids—a major doping deal, certainly as far as international soccer goes—and, you guessed it, the lightning strike was to blame.


This time, the "steroids were accidentally taken with traditional Chinese medicines based on musk deer glands to treat players who had been struck by lightning." Oh?

More, from the AP: "The gland in question comes from musk deer living in a large swathe of Asia from Siberia to North Korea. The hairy 4-centimeter gland is usually cut open to extract a liquid that is used for medical purposes."

God, that's disgusting. We'd rather be struck by lightning.

Five North Korean players test positive [ESPN, h/t Scott]

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