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Floating Through Space With Joe Morgan

We're not sure what the rights rules are for Major League Baseball audio and video broadcasts in outer space are, but if Bud Selig hasn't figured out a way to maximize revenue on the moon, he will. Even astronauts are listening to games now. Meet Michael Lopez-Alegria.

They had a deal where they would send up the audio, and I would listen to the games while I was doing my normal work stuff. But none of my friends would tell me what would happen, because I wasn't able to usually listen in real time. That worked real well, although one friend blew the World Series. A friend is a Cubs fan, and I don't know if he wasn't paying attention, because NASA is pretty good about sending out a list, so that they know who can email us directly. But it was 3 to 1 (Cardinals won in five) when he blew it, so I knew where it was going.


If we were in space, and we had learned that the Cardinals had won the World Series while we were in orbit, we would be convinced the earth had been taken over by robots, who had enslaved us all. And we'd still be happy.

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