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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Knowing that Howard Schnellenberger built Florida Atlantic's football program using nothing but MacGyver-approved ingredients in a seven-year span, last night's victory over Memphis in the New Orleans Bowl is an extremely uplifting story. They really came out of nowhere to steal the title of Best Upstart South Florida Football Program from USF. So that's nice. But prior to last night, FAU's shining moment in sports history was this video.


Now, before you click "play," I have to explain the backstory a little. Just kidding, it's a volleyball to the mascot groin. But if you want to know more, this volleyball game between FAU and Middle Tennessee occurred back in October 2006. FAU didn't win a single game, but to channel Mitch Hedberg, they did hit a mascot. And that is way more satisfying.

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