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Florida Coach Suspended For "Twerking On Soccer Players" At Party

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In the old days, a middle school soccer party used to mean cheap pizza, off-brand local supermarket soda, and having to leave when your mom picked you up on the way back from the mall.


In the 21st-century dystopia that is North Florida, a middle school soccer party means boozing, sensual dancing, and a potentially ruined career.

According to documents obtained by the Florida Times-Union, Kernan Middle School teacher and assistant soccer coach Courtney Perry was suspended this week after being accused of getting down a team party in May. One student interviewed told investigators the team was dancing and twerking before Perry told kids to put away their phones and "showed [them] a few moves."

The student, according to the investigative report, claimed the coach was drinking alcohol and twerking on players. The district investigation made note of twerking as a form of dirty dancing.


At one point, Perry allegedly received a lap dance that was "approximately 3-4 minutes long." The district viewed video of the lap dance on a cell phone video.

One student thought Perry was drinking a Bud Light during the festivities, and drove home with a student in the car. Another student interviewed said Perry brought a bottle of vodka to the party as a gift.


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