I get five or six Facebook friend requests a day, and all of you can just $#&% off! Kidding. But I do require a series of grueling background checks.

Florida lineman Jim Tartt isn't nearly as circumspect. The 315-pound senior from Sopchoppy, Fla., is a little slap-happy with the confirm button, apparently. His latest fun Facebook friends: "Africa Gives Nothing To Anyone — Except AIDS." Oh, it's a merry group ... I was just over there. I won't link to it, but here's a random excerpt:

It is inspiring Bill Gates' programme to rid the continent of malaria, when, in the almost complete absence of personal self-discipline, that disease is one of the most efficacious forms of population-control now operating. If his programme is successful, tens of millions of children who would otherwise have died in infancy will survive to adulthood, he boasts. Oh good: then what? I know. Let them all come here. Yes, that's an idea.

It's so comforting to know that, conceivably, their members can comment on Deadspin.

Tartt's Facebook page has been taken down, which leads me to believe he either wasn't paying attention to the groups he's joining, or someone else did it as a joke. Or maybe he shares their views, I don't know. Also, as The Sporting Blog points out, Tartt is an anthropology major. Awk-ward.

Oh well; let's just let this go and keep it among ourselves, OK? Back to my Facebook page.


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UF's Tartt Is Unaware Of Africa's Many Exports [The Sporting Blog]