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Illustration for article titled Florida Mom Wants To Change The Name Of Her Child, Spurrier Urban Wiley

I want to reveal to you a big secret, that college football would rather not have you know: sometimes coaches don't stay with a single team forever, and sometimes they even take other jobs. Scandalous.

This is apparently news to Jen Wiley, a UF grad who four years ago named her son Spurrier Urban Wiley. Spurrier for the '96 championship, when mom and dad married, and Urban for the '06 title, after which little Spur was conceived. This is a totally reasonable rationale if you live in Florida or are the parents of Adolf Hitler Campbell.


Now that Meyer is gone, Jen Wiley is sad. She "feels sick" that he took the Ohio State job. She wants to change the kid's middle name to erase any trace of Urban Meyer. Little Spur has suggested "Spur Willy Nilly Silly Bear Wiley." Jen is considering going with "Tim," for Tim Tebow.

Gator fan ready to change son's name after former coach accepts Ohio State job [Bay News 9]

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