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Florida Puts Bulletin Board Material On Actual Bulletin Board

What's the secret to winning back-to-back BCS Championships? Photocopying anything anyone ever says about you and putting it on a giant freakin' wall, obviously. Oh, and some magic markers would help.

A peak inside the Florida football locker room reveals a glimpse at their giant Beat board, featuring a countdown to their biggest rivalry games, plus any supplemental material that might remind players that they need to win the game. LSU, sadly, has not yet delivered any reason for the the Gator to hate them other than that snazzy logo. Just look at it ... sitting there all smug.


Now, I'm sure that Florida is not only the school to do this, but I promise you will not see another board be more boardy and you will not see another wall more upright than this wall here. Bless.

Just to Confirm That Lane Kiffin Is Providing Bulletin Board Material For Florida [Friends of the Program]

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