Florida Running Back Shits Pants

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So, the Florida Gators are playing East Carolina today in the Birmingham Bowl, and at half, Florida's giving the Pirates the business. But that, comrades, is not why we are here.

We're here because Florida running back Adam Lane Jr. trotted in the end zone from two yards out early in the second quarter. Shortly thereafter, people started to notice that somewhere along the drive, Lane appeared to shit his pants. The photo evidence above, however, could be deemed circumstantial. So we went the extra mile. We dug.


Above is photo evidence of a trainer procuring a towel for Lane after the touchdown to cover his shitty ass. Also important is defensive back Keanu Neal's slightly blurry "are you fucking kidding me?" face.


And five minutes later: the proof. Lane's back on the field with new, white pants. He definitely shit himself.

h/t Brent