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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Florida State Fan Pushed Out Of Radio Show For Questioning Jimbo Fisher's Loyalty

Some useful information for anyone interested in joining the live audience of Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher’s weekly radio show: do not ask a straightforward question about his potential future plans, unless you’d like to be (literally, physically) pushed out of the room by a surly attendant in FSU gear.


Given the recent reports about Texas A&M’s plans to pursue Fisher for their coaching vacancy, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that this subject came up tonight. The fan who brought it up did so in a way that was very general and open, without mentioning A&M by name:

“It’s been kind of a tough season. And I remember watching a lot of your press conferences, and I remembered how you would talk about being committed to the program and cheering for the team … and talking about loyalty to the program. So I’m wondering, where is the loyalty to the program?”

It’s an obvious topic; one that you might imagine Fisher and FSU had prepared for. But while Fisher seemed fine with it—he smiled as the fan finished his question—that clearly wasn’t enough. As soon as the fan was done speaking, the microphone was taken from his hands and he was shoved out of the room: 

Ah, yes, the virtue of a proportional response.

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