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We've given Florida State its share of grief today, but it's important to remember that not all scandals are created equal. There are felonies, and there are misdemeanors (though college football coverage often swirls those two together like mixers in a glass). There are the ones that make you say, "Oh my God, that's horrible," and there are the ones that make you say, "Hehe." There is this Jameis Winston incident report, for instance, and there is this other Jameis Winston incident report.

On the subject of the latter, let's swing by the Twitter timeline of the Voice-Tribune's Chris Humphreys. First, as he chronicles, Florida State players go to a public park in Louisville and the media shows up.


Florida State tries to kick the media out of the public park—and fails—because it's a public park.

So Florida State leaves. And on the way out, of all the routes they could have walked, they chose this one. Right in front of this place.


That's a Joe's Crab Shack, if you can't quite make it out. Well trolled, FSU, well trolled.


Image via Chris Humphreys on Twitter

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