Florida State Keeps Ruining Florida State Losses

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I'm starting to think Florida State is just trolling all of us and will get into the playoffs and destroy everybody, 63-0. They have to be doing this on purpose.

Stop me if you've heard this before: Florida State looked very average against a team of questionable quality all day long, and then pulled out a victory at the end. This time, it was 6-4 Boston College, who beat FSU up on the ground, gaining 240 rushing yards.

It looked, as it always does, like the good guys might actually do it. With the score tied at 17, a nearly nine-minute fourth quarter BC drive ended with a missed field goal. Of course, Florida State took the ball, drove it down the field, and kicked a field goal and they won and goddammit.


Is their #3 ranking in jeopardy? There's a case to be made for Mississippi State overtaking them, provided they pound Vanderbilt tonight, but even if they do, I mean, it's Vanderbilt. As for the other teams that could potentially threaten FSU's spot, Ohio State was unconvincing, TCU is off, Baylor plays Oklahoma State tonight, and Ole Miss is currently under Arkansas' foot, begging for mercy.


Another Tuesday evening will come, and Florida State will remain in the top four, and they will sit and point and laugh at all the people who wish they weren't. That's the kind of team they are.