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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Florida State's New Mascot Is Just The Cutest

Illustration for article titled Florida States New Mascot Is Just The emCutest/em

Meet Cimarron, the new incarnation of a Florida State mascot that apparently existed once but which nobody remembers. FSU already has a mascot, of course, a Native American named Chief Osceola who attempts to set fire to football fields while riding his trusty mount Renegade. Turns out Osceola isn't appropriate for certain audiences—specifically, anything involving kids—so FSU commissioned Cimarron a few months ago to have an fitting mascot to represent the university at certain events. You can also follow Cimarron on Twitter.


Of course, the plushy real-life version doesn't much match the cartoon. For one, the live Cimarron has human hands. This is somewhat disturbing, and we're curious what kind of twisted experiment at the equine science labs in Tallahassee hatched such a creature. As for whether Chief Osceola feels his importance may be compromised by a new mascot on the scene, well, that costume looks awfully flammable. [FSU News]

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