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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Florida's Jonathon Crawford Threw The First Postseason No-Hitter In 21 Years Last Night

#1 Florida's opening-round NCAA tournament game against Bethune-Cookman proved history-making, as sophomore pitcher Jonathon Crawford no-hit the Wildcats for the Gators' first solo no-hitter since May 23, 1991—when John Burke kept Furman hitless.


That's also the last time a no-hitter was thrown in the NCAA tournament, but it's not the strangest part of this story. Just as Crawford's feat was overshadowed by Johan Santana's no-hitter thrown in the bigs last night, John Burke's 1991 no-hitter in the tournament would be as well—by the Phillies' Tommy Greene, who in a spot start that night no-hit the Expos.


(Crawford finished the job having only thrown 99 pitches; Santana required 134.)

To recap: Last night was the first NCAA postseason no-hitter since May 23, 1991, the last Florida Gators solo no-hitter since May 23, 1991, and the first time a college no-hitter and MLB no-hitter were thrown the same day since May 23, 1991. [ESPN]

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