Floyd Landis About To Become Decidedly Less Popular

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There have been tons of rumors circulating around Tour de France champion Floyd Landis, who has gone missing from two races he was scheduled for this week. No one can get a hold of him, and race organizers were "annoyed."

What were all the rumors about? Well, the International Cycling Union said earlier this week that a rider in the Tour de France had failed a drug test, but didn't announce who it was. Since then, it has been confirmed that it was neither a French rider nor a German rider ... and that does narrow it down.


Which, because this is the Tour de France, and Landis is an American, and they never did get Lance Armstrong, means everyone's tongues are wagging about Landis' mysterious disappearance. With all the stories we've read about Landis, it initially wouldn't have surprised us if he were on a week-long bender somewhere, hanging with some guys from a Skynyrd cover band, but we doubt the French know of the LEE-nard SKEE-nard.

But now: MSNBC is reporting that Landis was indeed the one who failed the drug test. Which would explain the mystery.


Where In The World Is Floyd Landis? [AFP]

(UPDATE: Looks like it's testosterone.)