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Floyd Mayweather Is Still Using The Same Old Domestic Violence Excuses

Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather went through the ESPN carwash today, and sat down for an interview with SportsCenter anchors Cari Champion and David Lloyd. To the anchors’ credit, they asked Mayweather multiple questions about his history with domestic violence, only to be met with the same old talking points Mayweather has been using for years in these situations.

Throughout the interview, Mayweather fell back on his two favorite responses to any mention of his past associations with domestic violence. The first is, essentially,“there are no pictures of what I was accused of doing,” and the second is, “Only God can judge me.”


Of course, there were pictures of the domestic violence Mayweather has been accused of committing, but they were either locked away or destroyed by Las Vegas authorities for reasons that remain unclear.

As for Mayweather’s assertion that only God can judge him, people who have read the letter his son wrote, in which he details the ways in which Mayweather beat his mother, may disagree.