Footage From Infamous Unreleased Film The Day The Clown Cried Leaked

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The Holy Grail for film fans emerged, unexpectedly, on YouTube tonight as nearly seven minutes of footage from Jerry Lewis's unrelased Nazi clown film The Day The Clown Cried found way to the video sharing website.

The plot of the film—considered Lewis's disastrous attempt at making "serious cinema"—revolves around a clown in a concentration camp who entertains Jewish children as they are led to their deaths.

The film was reportedly such a disaster, both aesthetically and financially, that its rightsholders refuse to allow it ever to be seen. Lewis himself has only one copy, having screened portions for a handful of people over the years. You can read the reactions of some of those people here.


The uploader of this to YouTube claims it is a behind-the-scenes program presented in Flemish. Its date of broadcast isn't provided.