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A Utah state trooper pulled over to a car parked on the shoulder of S.R. 201 early Sunday morning — and facing in the wrong direction. The driver was an intoxicated University of Utah linebacker, Nai Fotu, who told the trooper he'd had "one beer, two beers" with his teammates at the University campus. Fotu, 22, was coherent enough to correctly identify that he was "in Utah... on the freeway," but his blood alcohol level was at .218 — about three times the legal limit — and he was, after all, driving in the wrong direction on the highway. Head coach Kyle Whittingham immediately suspended Fotu, who had a warrant out of Provo City Justice Court for failing to appear on charges for "giving false personal information to police, unlawful possession of alcohol or a controlled substance by a minor and public urination" following a March 2009 incident. Fotu is now in the Salt Lake County Jail pending investigations for a possible, DUI, having an open container, driving without a valid license, and driving the wrong way.

Dashcam shows Ute linebacker going wrong way on S.R. 201 [KSL]

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