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Football Commissioner Suffers Possible Concussion While Participating In Drills

Commissioner of the Lingerie Football League, that is. Sorry to get you all hot and bothered, James Harrison, Brandon Meritweather, New Orleans Saints fans, et al.

Mitch Mortaza was participating in some drills during open tryouts for the LFL's BC Angels when he was "bulldozed by the smallest player" present. That tiny bulldozer, according to this write up (possibly a relative), goes by the name Lia Lam and she ran right through Mortaza, causing him to hit the back of his head on the ground.


Mortaza seemed good-natured and unconcerned about the incident on twitter (even hoping the story does not go viral), but then made a point with which we're sure many of the NFLers mentioned above would agree.

What better way to understand concussions as a football executive than to suffer one yourself and go through treatment and analysis. #LFL

Lingerie League Football Video -BC [VideoProductionVancouver]

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