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We're not positive when this photo was taken, but so what? Photos of Steve Spurrier shirtless (and barefoot!) and again giving zero fucks are bouncing around the internet. Which can only mean one thing: Football season is at last upon us.


The photo above came from a Vine that was posted over at Kegs 'N Eggs. We got this one from a tipster:

There have been no confirmed sightings of shirtless Steve Spurrier since 2012. The tipster who forwarded us the second photo isn't sure whether it was taken recently or during spring practice. That said, I feel obligated to let our tipster explain why he's sure that bottom image originated sometime this year:

The guy who sent it to me didn’t take it and didn’t have the date. South Carolina started practice last Friday…It looks like the players in the background are in shorts which could indicate it was from the spring. Although the picture didn’t pop up down here until this week. That is clearly the 2013 version of Steve Spurrier’s body, I just can’t confirm if it is spring or summer.


It's only Aug. 9, but it's gonna be hard to top "that is clearly the 2013 version of Steve Spurrier's body" as the most SEC phrase of 2013.

[Kegs 'N Eggs]

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