Happy 65th Birthday, Shirtless Steve Spurrier

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Right now, Spurrier is snorkeling somewhere down in the Bahamas. Judging from that photo, some lucky tropical fish are admiring his chiseled bare torso.

It's been a moderately successful past few years for Spurrier and the Gamecocks. But don't call it a working retirement; he takes offense with his "Ol' Ball Coach" nickname, opting instead for "Head Ball Coach." Spurrier took a couple reporters through his daily workout routine:

Spurrier begins with a fitness ball, doing 500 modified situps and 500 modified pushups, using the ball to help cushion the joints.

After that, he heads over and grabs a pair of 15-pound dumbbells. He does 50 overhead presses and 50 curls.

He then replaces the 15-pounders with 30-pound dumbbells for 100 shoulder raises and 100 triceps overhead extensions.

Then it's on to the cardio portion, with 20 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the stationery bike. (Sometimes Spurrier enjoys riding outside, as well.)

The speed is set to 4 1/2 miles an hour, with a slight incline. It's essentially as fast as you can walk without jogging.

As for the bike, its resistance is bumped up to 15, so there's a lot of push against your legs. As Spurrier correctly surmises, this is more of a burn than you'd expect for a 10-minute ride.


He does 50 leg raises, kicking them into the air (which is tougher after the bike ride). He does 50 scissor kicks.

Then it's a minute of the plank position, in which you prop yourself on your elbows and toes. (It's so much more difficult than it sounds, after just a few seconds.)

And that's it.

I don't really have many jokes here, since he's clearly in better shape than me. By now you've probably surmised that this entire post was just an excuse to post that photo.


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