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You may have seen this already, but have you really seen it? This week Lou uses his pep talk to cast a bewitching spell on the audience, performing the old newspaper trick; a staple of stage magicians from Budapest to Los Angeles. And when it is over, you be left questioning the very nature of reality itself (kind of like when he was still coaching). Every Day Should Be Saturday breaks down the performance, point by point. Highlight:

1:02 — Lou's got a newspaper out. Says the editorial page is for "people who can't think." Considering that Lou's ripping up a USA Today, we'll give him that one uncontested.

Of course the actual connection to Saturday's game between LSU and Florida is tenuous at best, but still, isn't he great, folks? Please tip your waitress.


Lou Holtz Bends Time, Rips Newspaper [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

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