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So you roll up to a mall parking space in your brand new Rich Brooks Edition F150 pickup. In the space next to you is Howie Long, sadly shaking his head. Let's listen in.


HOWIE LONG: Excuse me, you left down your little, uh, man step.
YOU: Oh, thanks.
HOWIE LONG: Is that a heated steering wheel? And a manicure?
YOU: (Chuckle nervously).
HOWIE LONG: Tinted windows? Seriously?
YOU: Look; why are you being such a dick?
HOWIE LONG: Excuse me?
YOU: I mean, you show up out of the blue and basically call me a pussy. I don't even know you.
YOU: Do I mention your loser son, who drives on sidewalks and gets kicked out of Florida State?
HOWIE LONG: Well if you took offense, I'm really ...
YOU: Why don't you pick on the guy in the Kia? Jesus.


Unfortunately, Howie didn't get to some of the other features of this Rich Brooks Edition beauty, available exclusively at Paul Miller Ford in Lexington, Ky.

• Customized paint scheme of true blue, black and silver
• Retax tailgate cover
• Toff spray-in bed liner
• Enhanced mobile satellite TV system
• Microsoft SYN

Paul Miller Autogroup’s VP, J.P. Miller Jr. announced that the Brooks Edition Truck would be available for purchase on 1/23/2009, which is tribute to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd UK Bowl Wins. Miller says that “The Books Fans have spoken. The toughest truck on the market now bears the toughest coaches’ name. We are extremely happy to sell the Rich Brooks Edition F150, only at Paul Miller Ford. Now is your chance to come out and Drive One!” 975 E new Circle Road, Lexington Ky.

Offer not good to Kyle Long. He has no license.

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