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For Those With Too Much Expendable Income

We're not obsessed with playing golf, but one thing we can tell you about those who are: They'll buy any piece of junk you put in front of them if they think it'll improve their game.

Preying on this are the fine folks at The Golf Channel, with their new show "Fore Inventors Only," which features all kinds of weird crap that golfers will inevitably fall for. Two highlights, via ShakeDown Sports:

The Trunk Chair. "A small seat that attaches to the trunk of a car. It can prevent the acute ass pain that results from having to sit on the edge of a trunk while you change your golf shoes."


Shaft Skinz. "For the Ian Poulter fan who wishes golf was a more flamboyant sport, these shrink wraps can give your clubs some added personality. They're the perfect gift for the man who likes covering everything he owns with leopard print."

Run, don't walk, to your local golf shop.

How About Inventing A Second Hobby? [Shakedown Sports]

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