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For You Few Humans Still Paying Attention To Your NCAA Bracket

With the end of the NCAA Tournament tonight, that means not only that One Shining moment is upon us, but also that: Hey! Time to wrap up your tournament pools.

By now, most people aren't paying attention to their pools, because most people are already out. But those still hanging around will be more riveted than ever; this is their reward for not being lame like us and picking either North Carolina or UCLA.


In our bracket, it's down to two potential winners.

If Kansas wins: "McC 2," by "S. McCormick," is all set to claim the crown. Impressive.

If Memphis wins: Either "Bob Knight's Bookie," by "T. Stehney," or "Oy with the Brackets," by "B. Woodall" will win, depending on the tiebreaker.

Out of 3,472 brackets, that's not bad. Remember, the winner gets an autographed copy of God Save The Fan — actual value: $0 — and a free post ... actual value $3.90. Good luck, y'all.


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