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12:30, NBC: Golf. U.S. Open. I've disliked him his entire career, but at this point, Colin Montgomerie has offically become a sympathetic figure. Go Monty Go.
1:00, FOX: MLB. Yankees @ Nationals. You know, "Yankees vs. Nationals" really sounds like an old school baseball rivalry. East coast only, I believe.
2:00, ESPN: College Baseball. Georgia vs. Rice. Hopefully, this one will work out for Georgia a little better than the Sugar Bowl.
2:00, ESPNU: Rugby. 2006 Churchill Cup, England vs. Ireland. Guinness will be the other performance enhancing drug needed in this one.
2:30, ABC: World Cup. Italy vs. United States. If we lose, I'll never be able to eat spaghetti again without frowning.
3:30, Comedy Central: Movie. The Golden Child. Yak loin. Good to keep the yang up.
4:00, ESPNU: Clay Target Shooting. 2006 Collegiate Clay Target Championship. Rugby and clay target shooting... they're just begging me to watch ESPNU today.
4:00, Fox: MLB: Padres @ Angels. Hey, shouldn't the Angels be better than the Padres?
4:30, ESPNU: Rugby. 2006 Churchill Cup, New Zealand vs. Scotland. Tons of Rugby this weekend. How it fits in on ESPNU, however, I'm not quite sure.
5:00, ESPN: Horse Racing. Horse Racing: Stephen Foster/Californian/Fleur de Lis/Ogden Phipps/Royal Ascot. I cannot even begin to understand what that means.
5:00, CBS: Poker: Intercontinental Poker Championship. Distantly related to the WWF's old Intercontinental Championship Belt, once worn proudly by Tito Santana.
6:30, ESPNU: Rugby. 2006, Churchill Cup, Canada vs. United States. If we end up losing to Italy and then losing to Canada in Rugby... our national ego will be severly bruised.