For Your Viewing Pleasure: Let the River Run, Indeed

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12:00 — College Football: Navy vs. Duke [ESPNU] - Get to know the young men that you will silently curse when they blow by you for promotions in six years. • 2:30 — Movie: Working Girl [A&E] - Joan Cusack only lost this Oscar because she had to compete in the Best Supporting Actress category with her co-stars in this movie, specifically Sigourney Weaver and her own hair. • 3:30 — College Football: Michigan vs. Notre Dame [NBC] - This game was last relevant when that haircut was. • 3:30 — College Football: Georgia vs. South Carolina [CBS] - Get to know the young men that you will loudly curse when they blow an assignment over the middle in three years for your local professional football franchise. (By the way, pack a lunch.) • 3:30 — MLB Baseball: Spin the Wheel [FOX] - We guess one of these games might happen: Atlanta Braves-New York Mets, Detroit Tigers-Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers-Philadelphia Phillies. Seems like swimming upstream to us, though. (By the way, one cannot swing one's deceased feline without bouncing off a college football game kicking off at 3:30 pm. Plan your back injury that prevents you from completing the yardwork accordingly.)