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Forget Hockey Dads: Never Mess With A High School Scorekeeper

Scorekeeper fight! Scorekeeper fight! Apparently, keeping track of fouls for high school basketball games is a cutthroat business in Massachusetts, as this rivalry game spilled over into press row.

Nick Santosuosso was keeping stats for Lexington, while Josh Bellini was running the book for Watertown. The two high school teams were bitter rivals fighting for a league title in a close game, when an dispute reportedly arose over the number of fouls assigned to a particular player. Words were exchanged, a bottle of water was squirted, and then the fist of fury flew.


Santosuosso bloodied Bellini with a hard left to the face, then went back to whatever he was doing and the matter was quickly settled. Ha, ha, just kidding—he was ejected from the building and both men may be charged with assault. But ... HOW MANY FOULS DID HE HAVE?! Come on, keep it together people; this stuff is important!

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