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Forget It Jake. It's Dodgertown.

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The Frank McCourt divorce gets more bizarre by the day. After last week's mini-scandal featuring a homewrecking chauffeur and the Taiwanese goverment, I have to wonder why this isn't the biggest sports story going.

As Frank and Jamie McCourt battle over custody of the team, Jeff Fuller — the driver who became Jamie's boyfriend — is managing to do an awful job at staying out of the headlines. He took a trip to Taiwan to meet with a Senator and discuss closer ties between the island and the team. Yes, the "other man" is doing international business now.

Fuller met with a Taiwanese senator and presented him with a Dodgers jacket and Joe Torre autographed ball. He gave him his Dodgers business card and told him to call Jamie McCourt. The senator did and invited McCourt to visit to discuss the team playing some exhibition games in Taiwan. Problem is, McCourt and Fuller no longer work for the Dodgers.

Frank McCourt charged his estranged wife with acting "directly and through her surrogate Fuller" in "leveraging her claim of co-ownership in ways that can only negatively impact the Dodgers' business."

Paul Archey, senior vice president of international business operations for Major League Baseball, sent a letter to Taiwanese baseball officials Friday — with a copy to Chou — describing Fuller as "a former Dodger employee purporting to represent" the Dodgers and reminding them his office handles foreign affairs on behalf of every team in the league.


A spokesman for McCourt said she never represented herself as working for the team, and Fuller had acted on his own. Which is pretty impressive ambition for a chauffeur-turned-boy-toy.

Custody cases are never pretty. Next thing you know the McCourts will compete for the Dodgers' love via Christmas presents, with Frank buying them Chien-Ming Wang, and Jamie McCourt upping him with a PSP.

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