Former Basketball Player Runs For Congress, Crazily

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Remember Kevin Millen? The ex-Georgetown hoopster who stalked coach John Thompson and ended up getting two years' probation and a court order to stay away from D.C.? He's running for Congress on a tin-foil-hat platform, with a delightfully lo-fi web site.

Running as a Republican in Tennessee's 9th District (and hoping to God that none of his constituents have access to Google), Millen wants to clean up the streets of Memphis and make them safe for the "All American Family." Additionally, he's gunning for the NCAA and sending out email blasts, like this one that blew up the tips box a few days ago. [Sic] warning, proceed with caution:

Hello Family, Friends, and enemies this is showing how this is considered double jeopardy...

If double jeopardy is called into question for a criminal prosecution, double jeopardy expert attorneys will apply the "same elements" legal test, which compares the specifics of one prosecution case against the specifics of the second. If the two cases are found to be the same, the charges for the current case will be dropped immediately.

I will show how the NCAA sided with Georgetown University and just allowed them to violate the law and no help came for Kevin Millen, this is something that needs to be haulted and the NCAA needs to put under Federal Investigation for violating the laws. I do not why the entire world scared to death of Georgetown University, and faggot as John Thompson and those bitches he say know how to play ball. Ask Alonzo Mourning, do he still got run and tell Coach Thompson after he got scared to fight, before the first big east game at the morning breakfast. What I say when Alonzo got scared to go against Shaq, and Chico told somebody on the floor, I can't guard him (Sam Cassell) florida state. I bunch of punks, I said that faggot gone now let's get a national championship. I went around and shook everybody hand and took my college. That faggot just would not let me start, I aint no back up. That what police need. You talked that shit and got scared outside the breakfast area. You need the faggot cop to help you and you a 6'10" bitch like faggot as John "The Trick" Thompson, as hosey herrin the judge in the first case...D.C. Superior Court...Them fools that sent letters out to people whom are on the run must was told the case was over and went on with their life. So this would be considered entrapment. So all police involved are not involved an attempted murder of the incarcerated minds family. This is a violation of the 14th amendment. Also, due process of law...


To our readers in Shelby County: you know what to do.

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