Boxer Arthur Abraham lost his last two super middleweight championship fights convincingly. But he would not be denied a more dubious title last Wednesday evening: the Berlin land speed record. According to various media reports out of eastern Europe, Abraham was spotted driving his Ferrari along a Berlin motorway where the posted speed limit is 80 km/h (around 50 mph). Abraham was going 230 km/h (around 143 mph). Impressive.

When the police pulled the boxer over, he told them he was running late for an awards ceremony. That's the best excuse he could come up with? At least telling the cops you have to make some trouser chili isn't self-aggrandizing. Somehow, the police let Abraham go and followed him to the ceremony, possibly to make sure he hadn't lied to them. Because that would be super naughty. Abraham now faces a three-month driving ban and a fine of €1,360.

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