Former Duke Center Brian Zoubek Closes His Cream Puff Shop, Leaves A Sad Note On The Door

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Remember when Brian Zoubek opened a cream puff shop in New Jersey and named it Dream Puffz? It was super adorable because Zoubek said things like, "I love to make cream puffs," and ""I'm just a fat kid, at heart." But now, sadly, Zoubek's dream of owning a cream puff shop has come to an end. Dream Puffz is closed, and Zoubek is getting into the real estate industry:

Zoubek opened the cream puff shop July 30, 2012, but decided to pursue a real estate venture when he was faced with deciding whether or not to renew the space's lease.

Zoubek said he could not go into specifics about the real estate opportunity because it is still in the works, but said he has been doing real estate work on the side and chose to prioritize it going forward.

"I was enjoying the real estate more," Zoubek said. "I thought it would probably be more lucrative once I ran the numbers and looked at the scalability."

Scalability, Brian? Come on, what happened to your sense of wonder? Dream Puffz meant something, man. It was about more than just "scalability" and what's "lucrative." It was about bringing joy to the people of New Jersey, one flaky, creamy bite at a time.


Zoubek also posted this sad and heartfelt note on the door of Dream Puffz, thanking everyone for all the good times that were had (click to enlarge):


100,000 cream puff(z) sold, and now it's all over. RIP, Dream Puffz. We won't forget you.

Top image via the Haddonfield-Haddon Township Patch

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