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Former Duke Center Brian Zoubek Owns And Operates A Cream Puff Store Called "Dream Puffz"

I think the headline is pretty self-explanatory, but here you go:

A back injury prevented him from playing in the NBA, but Zoubek is eager to turn the page on the next chapter of his life.

"I want to prove myself in something other than sports," he said on a recent weekday night after being grilled by the Historic Preservation Commission during a hearing for a sign for his new business, Dream Puffz.

Zoubek wanted a sign that said "Heavenly Cream Puff Creations." But borough regulations limit signs to just three words. After a brief debate, the HPC approved his request after he agreed to take "Heavenly" off to adhere to the regulation.

It was just one more hurdle for Zoubek on the way to the next part of his life.

"I love to make cream puffs," he said. "I'm just a fat kid, at heart."

We congratulate him on clearing that hurdle. The store is now open for business, so if you're ever in Haddonfield, New Jersey and craving a cream puff, stop by Dream Puffz and say hello to Brian Zoubek. Not a bad gig, really, especially considering what most Duke alumni go into.


h/t Mike L. , picture via the Haddonfield-Haddon Township Patch

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