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Former Gators Have Their Priorities In Order

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Former Florida Gator Brent Wright is in a wee bit of trouble with his Croatian League basketball squad for oversleeping and missing an away game. Um, this photo may have something to do with that.


These photos of Wright at a Zagreb, Croatia night club showed up on today; presumably taken the night before Wright, who plays for Cibona Zagreb, missed a flight to an away game. From reports that Wright was clubbing the night before with teammate Alan Anderson, and by looking at the published pictures, you can imagine the reasons for being late. Looks like funny times over there in Zagreb.


Cibona is currently deciding whether to terminate Wright's contract. But Wright says it's all an innocent misunderstanding. Here's what he said to, translated from, I guess, Croatian, through Google:

"I had personal problems, my grandmother, which means a lot has been sick a lot. She is in hospital and I was broken. The cast is a mistake in communication in training on Friday, preosobno I realized some things that my coach said. Not that I have not appeared for and argument, or make sure but I simply was too much broken because of his grandmother. I have made a mistake, it is clear to me. I have talked with Perasović and after this conversation, both of them can be see in the mirror. Perasović really appreciate as a coach, to manage any club I would answer him, "Wright has apologized."

He went on to say that the girls in the photo just wanted a picture for their Facebook page. Hey, I believe you, but I don't count here.

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