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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Former Germany Keeper Is Buffed Up, Ready For His Pro Wrestling Career

Illustration for article titled Former Germany Keeper Is Buffed Up, Ready For His Pro Wrestling Career

There aren't too many jobs that maximize the attributes of a 6'4", 250 lb. man with a torso drenched in ink and a long, luxurious mane. Tim Wiese milked one of them—goal keeper—for almost 20 years. Now he's trying his hand at another—pro wrestling in the WWE.


Wiese was a good keeper for a long time in his native Germany, and even made it onto his national team's roster during the 2010 World Cup. But when the 32-year-old found himself out of the starting lineup at his club last season, he turned his focus elsewhere.

According to an interview he gave Bild, Wiese began weightlifting as a hobby to fill his time. As translated by the Guardian, Wiese said "I had to deal with all the negativity [from no longer being a starter], and lifting weights is fun." In January Wiese and Hoffenheim mutually agreed to terminate his contract.


Somehow, either he or his agent got in touch with the folks at the WWE, who apparently have offered him a trial contract, most likely with their NXT series:

"I have an official enquiry from the WWE. It's about working for them as a wrestler. I will listen. I don't shit my pants. Why should I immediately say no? Wrestling is very popular, especially in the [United] States. I will go through the enquiry with my agent next week."

Here's another recent photo of Wiese showing his physical transformation:


Who knows this whole thing ends up, but it'll be interesting to see if he can pop up on a Monday Night Raw or two in the coming months or years. And if this particular "huge guy job" career jaunt doesn't pan out, Wiese can still fall back on generic movie henchman.


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