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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Edgar Sosa, a former Louisville guard who's now playing for John Calipari's Dominican Republic team in the FIBA Americas Championship, broke his leg after going up for a shot in a game against Panama today. There's video here of the break itself and a look at the totally unnatural state of Sosa's shin, but be forewarned: This is one of those injuries that will make you want to stop watching sports for a spell.


There's a quick shot of the break in the video above, but over at SportsGrid, Timothy Burke has collected the entire video of the injury and of Sosa's treatment. I haven't watched the entire clip, but he writes that at a certain point, the arena falls silent "save for Sosa's disturbing screams." (To make things worse, the break came with just a minute remaining in a 92-68 blowout win for DR.) Decide for yourself if you're up for it.

Video via, H/T SportsGrid.

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