Former major league pitcher Brad Halsey died in rural New Braunfels, Texas last Friday under somewhat mysterious circumstances. A Comal County judge has ordered an autopsy, and shed some light on the situation. Via USA TODAY:

"It appeared that he had climbed up about a 100-foot cliff on a private property and was discovered in a little road going up into that property,'' she said. "He had either jumped or fallen.''

The Comal Sheriff's Office would only confirm the death and that it is under investigation, leaving details scare. USA TODAY is reporting that "a person close to Halsey's family" told them the death was due to a "recreational climbing accident."

Halsey pitched for the Yankees, Diamondbacks, and A's from 2004 to 2006, originally as a starting pitcher but a reliever by the end of his career. He last pitched for the Yankees AA affiliate in 2011. He is best known for having served up Barry Bonds's 714th homer, which tied Bonds with Babe Ruth.


He was 33.


Photo via Jeff Chiu/AP