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Former Mavericks Employee Who Made Harassment Claims: "I'm Still Not Sure The Mavericks Get It"

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Melissa Weishaupt, who worked in the marketing and game operations department for the Dallas Mavericks from 2010 to 2014, has revealed herself as one of the women who told Sports Illustrated about the Mavericks’ culture of harassment. In a piece published in SI today, Weishaupt revealed her identity and called for further accountability from the Mavericks.


The piece begins with Weishaupt addressing former Mavericks president Terdema Ussery’s complaint that the allegations against him were made anonymously. Weishaupt flatly states that she was harassed by Ussery and was one of the women who talked to SI.

Weishaupt then goes on to question Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s insistence that he knew nothing about the alleged harassment happening on the business side because he only ever focused on basketball operations:

I’m using my name because I’m still not sure the Mavericks get it. Since the story broke, owner Mark Cuban has repeatedly claimed he oversaw only the basketball side of that franchise, not the business side.

Sorry. It doesn’t work that way. You own 100% of the team, Mark. The buck stops with you. When I worked on the Mavs’ business side, all marketing, promotional and broadcasting decisions went through you. Nothing was decided without your approval.

I am using my name because I am convinced that Cuban still doesn’t recognize the culture he’s helped create or the plight of the women who still work for him. From where I sit, Mark’s response was to rush in like some white knight in a T-shirt and jeans and yell, Don’t worry, ladies of the Mavs, I will help you with paid counseling and a hotline you can call! 


You can read Weishaupt’s entire piece here.

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