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Former NBA Player, Now Security Guard, Suspended After Choking Kid

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One non-existent Deadspin Buck for anybody that can name the guy in the photo.

For everybody else that doesn't particularly remember mid-1990s NBA washouts, that's Donnie Boyce. He played 30 games at shooting guard across 1996 and 1997 for the Atlanta Hawks. He scored a grand total of 79 points in his NBA career.


Boyce is now a security guard at Proviso East (Illinois) High School, his alma mater, as well as the school's boys varsity basketball coach. Soon, we may have to use the past tense to describe his employment situation.

According to ABC7, Boyce has been suspended (with pay) from his job, and the school has launched an investigation into an altercation he had with a student, seen in the video below:

That's Boyce choking student Nikerrah Walker, who was involved in an argument with another student. The video was shot on a cell phone by another student. Walker says that people in the school are mad at her because of Boyce's status as the varsity basketball coach, and former NBA player:

"It makes me feel upset because if that was your sister going through something like that, you wouldn't want a man choking your sister," Walker said.

"I don't care who it is or how well he is liked. When you are wrong, you are wrong," Thelma Walker, victim's mother, said.

According to the Walkers, the disciplinary report says that Walker hit a student and threatened a security guard (it isn't clear if that's Boyce or another security guard) before she was choked, but she says she didn't.


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