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Former NFL Player Whose House Was Trashed By Teens Is A Bit Crazy

The saga of Brian Holloway, a former NFL lineman who had his house broken into and trashed by partying teenagers last week, refuses to end. After setting up a website to shame the teens who destroyed his house, Holloway found himself threatened with legal action by parents of the partying teenagers, who are now allegedly being harassed thanks to Holloway's site. Then, TMZ reported that Holloway's house had been foreclosed on and had fallen into disrepair long before the party. Things only got weirder and messier when Holloway went on Fox & Friends this weekend.

Update: Fox has pulled the original interview, but you can at least see Holloway's answers in this version:

The interview begins with Holloway yelling at his grandchildren about the Ninja Turtles, goes careening off the rails when he promises to act as a "shield" that will protect the offending teens from the media(?), and explodes into a fireball with Holloway accusing his neighbor of being a woman beater.


If there's any silver lining to this, it's that an episode of Fox & Friends got crapped on. Fox probably thought it was getting a nice little story about The Troubled Youth of America and the importance of American Values. Instead, they got a guy who had to have his mic cut.

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