Former Patriots Guard Joe Andruzzi Helped Rescue Blast Victims

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We feared the worst when legendary NFL good-guy Joe Andruzzi wasn't heard from in the hours after explosions rocked the Boston Marathon. We knew Andruzzi's cancer foundation was a big supporter of marathon runners, and his Twitter suggested he was watching the race from a location very close to where the first blast occurred. But after the attacks, his Twitter account remained silent. Now we know why.

Andruzzi—who won the NFL's Ed Block Courage Award and three Super Bowls with the Patriots—appears to have rushed into action to help victims, if this photo above is any indication. Andruzzi's not identified by name in the photo caption, but a user on Twitter noticed the image in a CNN gallery & asked if it was the former New England player. (Andruzzi eventually did return to Twitter to confirm he was OK.) Andruzzi's the brother to three NYC firemen, so being a first responder seems to be in his blood.


Photo Credit: Bill Greene/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

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Update (9:57 p.m.): Thanks to commenters' tips, we learned a brief clip of Andruzzi coming to this woman's aid was aired on television:


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