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Former Player Says "Insane" Prep School Coach Mike Woodbury Used To Call Teenage Female Players "Sperm Banks"

Following the publication of an audio recording in which prep school basketball coach Mike Woodbury said, “I’m gonna fuck you in your ass” to one of his former players, other people who played for Woodbury in the past are coming forward with their own stories of his abusive behavior.


The Press Herald talked to two former youth basketball players who were coached by Woodbury when he was working in Maine. One former player, Emily Rousseau, recalled Woodbury referring to the girls on his team as “sperm banks” and making racist comments to a black player:

“He several times referred to us as sperm banks. Yep, when we were 15,” she said. “If he wanted us to go into a game he would pull our ponytail and drag us to the scorer’s table. We had an African-American girl on our team and he said if she didn’t start playing better there would be a hate crime.”


Another former player, Andrew Shaw, recalled an incident in which Woodbury told a player who was performing poorly that he should jump off a bridge. “He certainly scarred me, and I know he scarred some of my teammates far worse than me,” Shaw told the Press Herald.

Isaiah Harris, who says he played AAU ball for Woodbury, shared his thoughts on Twitter:


At least two of Woodbury’s current players have also decided to quit Woodbury’s program. One announced his decision on Twitter:


And another told Jeff Goodman at Stadium that he would be leaving the team:


Woodbury coached for nearly two decades in Maine before relocating to Florida to found the Nation Christian Academy.

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