Things haven't looked up in a while for Robert Swift, taken 12th overall by Seattle in 2004. He bailed on a 2009 D-League assignment after two games, citing personal reasons. He spent a year playing in Japan, but that team folded, unable to stay afloat on the star power of Robert Swift.

KOMO News in Seattle reports that things aren't much better on the homefront. Swift's King County home was foreclosed on last summer, and sold to a woman in January. But the woman says she's unable to move in, because Swift won't move out.

Cans of beer dot the grass outside the home. A bullet hole pierced the garage window at some point.

"Cars that don't look like they've moved in a long time," she noted.

Water festers in buckets outside of what was once a million dollar home in a wealthy Eastside suburb.

KOMO went to the house to try and speak with Swift, but a woman answering the door, who said she was his girlfriend, said he couldn't come out because he was "asleep after taking pills."

And what's that in the B-roll of the squalor?


Four Loko? Oh, Bobby.

The house's owner filed a summons, and Swift has one week to respond before police get involved.