Her defense? She got the preteen mixed up with another (full-grown) man.

Elizabeth Leigh Garner was a Titans cheerleader until 2009. Last month, the married 42-year-old Nashville woman went to a party at the Murfreesboro house of one of her friends, and apparently took a liking to that friend's 12-year-old son.

During an interview with police at his school, the boy said Garner was at his home drinking, and at some point late in the evening he went to use the restroom when Garner followed him, according to police.

“He stated she was asking him if he had ever been with a woman,” Roberts reported, adding the boy disclosed she then touched him inappropriately on the outside of his pants. “He also said she was making an attempt to take his shorts off ...” and told the boy she would perform oral sex on him.

The boy told Roberts he became frightened and was able to get out of the bathroom and tell his mother.

Garner didn't deny that's what happened, but swears it was a horrible accident.

"Ms. Garner, who was advised of her miranda rights, stated that she was drunk that evening," Roberts reported, "and that she got the boy confused with a man who also at the residence."

We'll see how that defense holds up at trial. Garner was indicted last week on charges of aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for rape of a child. She faces a maximum of eight years in prison.