Fortunately, Nobody Wants To Watch A Playoff Overtime

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As MJD pointed out yesterday, NBC, amazingly, cut away from the Senators-Sabres Game 5 overtime yesterday to show ... the first two hours of the Preakness prerace coverage. That's right: Rather than show the most exciting part of an entire hockey season, NBC chose to show Bob Costas interview people who, for once, are actually smaller than he is.


As you might expect, hockey fans are aghast — an excellent roundup of outrage can be found here — though those in Buffalo weren't switched, allowing their long-suffering fans to witness the end of their season. It was such an odd decision — previewing a horse race? — that some smell legitimate malfeasance. Regardless ... if you needed any more proof why we don't feel so horrible about not covering the NHL as fiercely as we cover other sports ... this is probably it.

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